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Simulation 6 - Missing Information

This is a very important game to learn what “missing information” means. You can see the difference between the “smart” and the “dumb” strategy as discussed in Chapter 2. You choose the number of boxes N. The program chooses a number between 1 to N at random, say K, and hides a coin in the box numbered K. You can see where the coin is, by clicking the “reveal coin” button, but I do not recommend that you do so until after you play the game. Click on “start” and ask where the coin is. You can either select single boxes like {1,7,20…}, or a range of boxes like {1-30, 30-70}. The program answers you with either a YES or a NO. You keep on asking binary questions until you find where the coin is hidden. Examine how the total number of questions changes according to the “strategy” you choose for asking questions (see also Chapter 2 for more details).