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Welcome to my website
. This site is to share with you my interests, publications & research activities.

If you are looking for information about my books, my teaching or any information not available on my web site, feel free to contact me at

My interests in science range from theory of liquids and solutions, to theories of water and aqueous solutions, to any theoretical problems in biochemistry and biophysics.

1. Classical music (particularly clarinet music & I love Schubert
2. Israeli folk dancing (that is what keeps me fit)
3. Travelling (I am always thrilled to visit, or better to reside in a new place).
My CV, list of publications and list of courses I have given are included in this website.

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This book discusses the proper definitions of entropy, the valid interpretation of entropy and some useful applications of the concept of entropy. Unlike many books which apply the concept of entropy to systems for which it is not even defined (such as living systems, black holes and the entire universe), these applications will help the reader to understand the meaning of entropy. It also emphasizes the limitations of the applicability of the concept of entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics. As with the previous books by the author, this book aims at a clear and mystery-free presentation of the central concept in thermodynamics the entropy. In this book, the concepts of entropy and the Second Law are presented in a friendly, simple language. It is devoid of all kinds of fancy and pompous statements made by authors of popular science books who write on this subject.

This book is unique in the following senses: First, it provides three different, but equivalent definitions of Entropy. Second, it provides a simple, valid, and proven interpretation of Entropy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics based on Shannon's Measure of Information. Third, this is the only book that proves that Entropy is not a function of time. It also shows that Clausius had over-generalized when he formulated the Second Law, and that Boltzmann, misinterpreted his own H-Theorem.